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What is SMArts?

 Smarts is a Movement-Based

Arts Integration Educational Series for Grades 2 or 3

Smarts is experiential learning:

Learning that is fun!

Learning that sticks!

Learning that inspires!


   The Lessons   

Maureen Gold - lesson 1 - 7.11.png

Lesson 1

Dance and Math

Key Concepts:

Elements of Dance, Bilateral,

Mirror, Slide & Rotational Symmetry

Curriculum L1&2_8_edited.png
Curriculum L1&2_8_edited.png

 Lesson 2 

Dance and Science

Key Concepts:

Force, Gravity, Push & Pull

Balance & Counterbalance

Curriculum L1&2_8.15_8_edited.png
Curriculum L1&2_8.15_8_edited.png

Key Concepts:

Storytelling through dance & movement, ballet & cross-cultural dance expressions

Curriculum L3&4_8.15_8_edited.png
Curriculum L3&4_8.15_8_edited.png

Lesson 3

Dance, Storytelling &

World Culture


Theater Etiquette


Key Concepts:

Appropriate behavior

when attending a live performance.

N Waltz must use Large.jpg

Key Concepts:

Engaged & Interactive viewing of

“The Nutcracker”

ballet performance

NC2019 - 055 (4).jpg

Note:  If your school is participating in a field trip to see a live performance of The Nutcracker, the field trip will take place instead of showing this recorded performance.

  The Nutcracker Suite

Ballet Performance  

Student Letter 7_edited.jpg

Lesson 4

Dance and

Creative Expression

Curriculum L3&4_8.15_8_edited.png

Key Concepts:

Review & recognition of concepts learned across all subject areas. 

Curriculum L3&4_8.15_8_edited.png

Why SMArts?

Teaching Through Dance


SMArts is a unique, teacher-guided educational video series that uses dance and movement to construct and demonstrate understanding in Math, Science, Language Arts and World Culture.

SMArts meets both Arts and Common Core Standards! 

Free to Schools


Offered at no cost to participating schools, SMArts promotes cooperation, collaboration & teamwork.


The program includes a comprehensive introduction to dance literacy highlighting diverse cultures. It is suitable for classroom or distance learning for 2nd and 3rd grades.

Integrating Arts & Academics


• Teach, integrate and reinforce knowledge

• Highlight diverse cultures

• Promote cooperation, collaboration and teamwork

• Develop areas of appreciation and creative expression.

Get kids up and moving!

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